Hakan means «BRIGHT» or «MADE OF LIGHT» in Quechua (native language of the incas; currently, it is the language spoken by the majority of the Andean indigenous people).

Our main goal is to bring light to the software development making it an engine of change for populations at risk of social exclusion.


Hakan solutions is a software development company that creates custom software worldwide. We elaborate quality products giving real job opportunities to people at risk of exclusion, such as refugees, migrants or people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), etc.

Our goal is to create social impact at the same time that we deliver a quality products.

From the requirement definition to the software maintenance, we accompany throughout the digital transformation. We have a multidisciplinar team to cover all areas involved in the development process.


Factoria F5 is the first inclusive and solidary digital school in Spain. They focus on training programmers and transform their work and life expectations.

Once your students go through the training of the school, we hire them as an essential part of our development team. They give the soul to the product and make the magic work.

Konexio has understood the migrant crisis that is shaking Europe and the world and seeks to contribute to the process of social integration of refugee in our communities through innovation and technology.

Our goal is to help them develop their skills in the field of programming by offering challenges and guiding them in the process of creating the products offered.

Specialisterne is a Danish project and the meaning of its name is «the specialists». It is a training school for quality control software for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and similar diagnoses, such as ADHD, Tourette or OCD.

We hire the best people for the manual or automation testing of our products and, therefore, we help then in its social integration. integración social.

Our consultants own the ISTQB certification



An increasing number of companies rely on teleworking due to a growing demand from developers. And we believe in the benefits of implementing this work system among our employees.

  • Each employee decides where to live.
  • Allows to balance family and personal life with work.
  • Increase team satisfaction and productivity.
  • It allows us to invest in a multi-disciplinary team that helps us create a collaborative and trustworthy work culture.
  • We can create multi-disciplinary teams with varied profiles such as project managers, business supervisors, coaches, etc.
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